World Bee Day- May 20th, 2020


On May 20th, we celebrate bees to raise awareness about the importance of pollinators. World Bee Day falls on the birthday of Anton Janša, the pioneer of modern beekeeping. Bees play an essential role in our food systems and natural environments. Scientists estimate that bees are responsible for  pollinating a third of the food we eat.

Despite their contribution to our food supply, human activity is threatening bees. Unsustainable farming practices, land-use change, loss of habitat, and climate change  all have a negative impact on bees and other pollinators. 

At Ensure Hive Future, we are working hard to help the community understand the significance of the honey bee and the ways beekeepers and pollinator-friends can take action. The solutions are simple – support sustainable agriculture, buy local honey, plant native flowers, and share your appreciation for bees! For more information about how you can contribute to a buzzing future, visit our ‘Resources‘ and the UN World Bee Day page for great information and videos. 


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