Summer Student Employment – 2020


Are You the next Marie Curie?                          Perhaps its Evan Crane?                       Or maybe Alan Turing?

If you are a student in a university or college science program and want to learn about beekeeping as part of your career development, this is the internship for you. We are looking for dedicated and eager science students who are keen to learn the science behind beekeeping and queen rearing. The status quo is not sustainable, There are Better Bees. They are disease and pest resistant. We are raising them in several communities.

About the Research Projects

We have several research projects that will run concurrently, all focused on Varroa Resistant Bees (V.S.H.) We will scale out varroa resistant bees, apply multiple management practices, record findings and identify the most successful methods.

You will be interacting with a lot of people from small scale commercial apiaries, backyard beekeepers, scientists, farmers, other students and more.  We expect you to learn from all of them and, as your knowledge increases, to provide mentorship to some of the students in our volunteer group.

Skills that you will Learn

  1. Advanced Queen Rearing
  2. Instrumental Insemination
  3. Detailed Varroa testing and Mite Infertility
  4. Data gathering at standards for publication
  5. Hive Construction including specialized equipment
  6. Honey Harvesting


What previous experience is required? None!  You need to be motivated to learn, passionate about saving the bees and learning the science on how this can be done. We’ll teach you the rest.  Bring your good attitude, hard work ethic and readiness to learn.

Physical Requirements

Beekeeping is physically hard and demanding work.  You will be expected to lift hive boxes that can weigh upwards of 50 lbs.  As well, you will be working in the summer heat out in the bee yard.  You must be comfortable with getting the occasional bee sting.


To satisfy grant requirements, you must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant.  Ages 15 to 30 years may be eligible participants.


We will have veils available but if you are most comfortable in a full suit then you should bring your own.  A good pair of boots or shoes will be needed.  All other tools, supplies and equipment will be provided.


Internships can begin in May 2020 and will go through the winter, possibly until the end of February 2021.

Time Commitment

Full time (40 hours) Monday-Friday.  There will be  weekend activities and shifts may be required.


Our primary operations will be out of the Comox Valley and Cowichan on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  But we will also be doing some work in the Fraser Valley and other locations on Vancouver Island.  As we get further into the summer we will moving substantial colonies into mountain yards approximately 100K north of Comox.

Boarding Options – Covid Challenged!

Due to COVID-19, boarding options are currently unavailable.

Our team will be tight knit and working closely together over the summer. Typically, we rent a house and have multiple boarding room opportunities. Boarding will require a small financial contribution and you will be expected to contribute to household/garden chores. Contact us for more information on the boarding options. Alternatively you can arrange your own accommodation.


CAD $15.50/hr  based upon 40 hours/week.  Additional time may be required outside of the 40 hours/week depending on projects.  There will be educational opportunities for you to participate beyond the working hours.


Send your resumes to:

Please include the following with your resume:

  • Detail why you are interested in learning beekeeping.
  • List any beekeeping experience you have.
  • Outlines what you are taking in school and how it relates to the science of beekeeping.
  • Include how you will apply your new bee knowledge to your studies when back at school.