Apiary Research and Education

We educate the public while raising local bees resistant to Varroa mites to improve food security and food sovereignty in British Columbia. We help to direct the passion of "save the bees" to celebrate real results. Science with research being proven at a community level. Celebrating Grass Roots successes and building change. Better Bees for a better tomorrow!

Educational Courses

We are dedicated to educating and empowering people. Beekeeping Experiences launch July 2nd.

Whistler Beekeeping Experience

A 2-hour family-friendly taste of beekeeping.

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Beginner Beekeeping

A standard 16-hour introduction to beekeeping.

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Queen Rearing Course

An intensive two-weekend Queen Rearing course.

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Apprenticeship Program

A comprehensive, year-long beekeeping course with virtual field-work available to anyone anywhere.

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Sponsors and Partnerships