Corporate Administrator

Is this your Dream Job?  Seriously

What we need very simply is who you aspire to be.  You are at your very best because you are going to be a LEAD for a project that understating, is highly significant in the Bee World.


You care – that’s why you have been either logging time volunteering or actually working for non-profits.  Hopefully this is the gigue to give you the credit due for all the experience you have to date plus where you want to develop your passion plus your talent.

You need to know something about bees- O.K.  But much better if you actually are a BeeKeeper or very closely related to an established one.  Check out Dee Hock on Hiring for Integrity –  if you don’t have the experience but you are very keen, we should be able to figure the path.


You are capable of both directing activities and ensuring adequate reporting.  We need to record data to standards suitable for Scientific Publication.


Back to the Dream Job.  You get to sculpt your future.  No more excuses – YOUR ass will be on the line.  But we repeat you get to shape the future not only for yourself, but for the Bees and those who care about them.  Plus you will get the recognition for your contributions.


What will really assist – beyond your knowledge of non-profits, a demonstrated history of fund raising expertise will.  Obviously you have to both get along with people and lead them.  But if you made it this far – being a visionary will help.  Or at least you understand that the status quo isn’t acceptable for agriculture nor the environment.

You will work directly with the C.E.O. to set and execute the direction of the NPA.  This might be a blessing or a curse.  A complete willingness to learn what you don’t already know with very high standards will be expected.  Your BeeKeeping / Queen Rearing is going to have to become just about world class.  It’s not just rubbing shoulders with the elite – you are going to a big face for our group. Don’t under estimate this.  But if you Love Bees and this is your Dream Job – not only will you fulfill your potential, but you must be a mentor and inspire others.

You need to live close to one of our Queen Rearing facilities.  While we  are very flexible with respect to working from home and hours, there is a core agricultural business that has a limited season and must be appropriated respected.

We are an equal opportunity and strongly support equality in a workplace.  Specifically as a Science based organization, we are all to aware of the gender imbalance.  We want the very best on our team.  You will be fairly judged ONLY upon your merit.